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smooth it !

all of these treatments smooth wrinkles, tighten and boost collagen. which one is best for you? let us help.


Neuromodulators can take years off your look, in a treatment that requires only minutes to complete. These injectables work by halting the facial muscle motions that create those lines and creases. Imagine an unlined forehead, softened and smoothed frown lines, and living without visible crow’s feet!

Our approach is very delicate, as we know our clients want a natural look – and they look refreshed and rejuvenated!


As we age, the skin begins to droop and sag, especially in the neck, around the jowls, and in the cheeks. While a surgical neck lift or facelift can address these issues to a certain degree, not everyone will be willing to endure the longer downtimes and higher costs associated with surgery. Our HIFU is a wonderful non-surgical alternative for lifting and restoring the complexion, improving the skin’s elasticity.

fractional plasma before and after
Fractional plasma is a skin rejuvenation procedure that can reduce the appearance of everything from fine lines and pore size to stretch marks and acne scars.
Plasma uses high-frequency unipolar radiofrequency energy to create tiny channels in the skin and jumpstart its natural collagen production through a wound-healing response. This technique is similar to microneedling, except that it uses microplasma technology and is the first of its kind. Although laser treatments can produce the same technique, the use of microplasma comes with unparalleled precision when controlling contact with the skin and reducing unwanted inflammation. 


If you are a patient who finds laser treatments to be anxiety-producing, we at Elite Skin take your feelings seriously and we want to ease your discomfort as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the incredible results that come with many of our most popular non-surgical procedures. The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System is designed to provide immediate relief from pain and anxiety during your session. It is controlled by you, the patient, so you decide exactly how much relief you need at any given moment.

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